I have embarked on my first ever journey to visit the beautiful sounds of New Zealand in Fiordland NP on 6th January 2021 with an overnight stay on a boat along with my wife. We have opted for a less travelled and less accessible Doubtful Sound which turned out to be an absolute stunner of a sound!

I have immediately fell in love with the primeval landscape and vegetation while stormy weather added a touch of mysterious atmosphere to the mix. I have seen countless of waterfalls (I literally lost count) throughout our 2 day journey as well as a pod of dolphins, NZ fur seal colony and I also heard many birdsongs coming from the primeval forest that surrounded us.

The highlight of this trip was the Sound of Silence that we have sailed to on the second day. It's however absolutely important to have the right weather conditions for this to be an unforgettable experience. We were lucky and weather conditions were just right (no storm, rain or wind), which resulted in mirror like water surface. We have sailed very slowly right into the center of the sound with the engine off while nobody on the boat was moving or making sounds. It was right then when the Sound of Silence revealed its true beauty; an otherworldly and meditative nature experience like no other. Water was reflecting the entire sound with mirror like reflection, sound of local fauna has suddenly filled up the whole place and everything was perfectly still. We were all transported to the land before time for a few minutes. I have only managed to take two photos during that time, which are the very last two images in the below gallery. I will end this article with a pro tip: you will have to click on each image to view the full composition.