You can read the full article here on SURGE Activism website written by Ed Winters, there you will also find all the sources of presented information. You can also watch Ed's very well presented video below.

one more thing to add

How much water is needed to produce 1 kilogram of beef? Animal products generally require much greater use of freshwater resources than plant products. According to IHE Delft research, 15,415 liters of water are needed to produce 1 kilogram of boneless beef. For comparison, 322 liters of water are needed to grow 1 kilogram of vegetables. From the point of view of freshwater resources usage, it is more efficient to obtain calories, proteins and fats through plant products than through products of animal origin.

closing note

Of course, not all of us can easily switch to a plant-based diet for various health reasons, such as people who require a strict gluten-free diet, people who have issues with absorbing zinc, iron or vitamin B12, or people who are allergic to soy or nuts. For such people, this change is certainly not impossible, but it can be much more difficult. Some, on the other hand, do not even have to undergo change, such as the indigenous tribes, that live in harmony with their environment and whose ecological footprint is minimal.

Majority of the privileged people however have the opportunity to switch to a plant-based diet. Personally, I would recommend starting with at least one whole food plant-based meal a week and gradually increase the frequency until you are comfortable to switch fully. There are a lot of excellent recipes on the internet and my wife is happy to share our recipes as well.